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Brief History of Short Mat Bowls

Short Mat is the youngest and fastest growing variety of the four major disciplines of the ancient sport of bowling.  It is a sport which began centuries ago and which was later banned by Henry VIII because his archers were playing too much bowls rather than practicing their bowman skills.

The Whitby & District Rifle Club Short Mat Bowling section was formed in the mid 1990's, and now boasts over twenty members.  It is a sport which is tailor made for a Club like ours, whose members have nothing to play during the long winter months when they are deprived of their outdoor greens.  Of course not all of our members have former links to bowls; in fact Short Mat was the introduction for most of our members and is the only variety that many choose to play all year round.  From those who have yet to reach their tenth birthday to those whose eightieth is but a distant memory.  Both fit and disabled, this is truly a sport for all.

Bowls is a very social activity and many of our members are quite happy to attend the club for just a quiet roll-up and a get together.  However, for the more competitive member, the club organise our own competitions and we also participate in a local games with other clubs.  This can be an ideal way to improve your skills and to meet other members who share your enthusiasm for the game.

New players are always welcome.

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