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No slip ups from the top three in Round 15.  The shock of all three losing in the previous round would appear to have brought about a reality check with the realisation that a good level of consistency is needed and that the Championship will go to the team who is able to achieve it.

With every member of their team shooting into the nineties, Kirkham laid down the gauntlet to an improving Normanby team winning by nine points.     A welcome return to form for Steve Baker  whose 98 set the scene for a good score, together with a 96 from the dependable Jeff Kenworthy,  Kirkham improve on their previous weeks score by ten points.  Normanby meanwhile, went  in the opposite direction and with 372 were twelve points down on their score in Round 14.   Best score for Normanby was  Maxine Atkinson with 96.

Although not at their best  Rievaulx easily disposed of Albany  by the winning margin of nine points.  Jackie Hay’s 97 for Rievaulx was equalled by brother Nigel Scarth for Albany but it was the better team performance as a unit from Rievaulx which earned them the two points to maintain their challenge for the league title.

With three members of the Byland team scoring 95 and a 98 from Derek Atkinson,  a tenth defeat was always a probability for bottom of the table Scoresby despite their  recent run of improved  form.  Scoresby’s  cause was not helped by Sam  Atkinson’s 90 although a seasons best  98 from Ewan Shimmin helped Scoresby score edge towards some degree of respectability.

Fellow strugglers Fountains also fell to their tenth defeat of the season narrowly losing to mid table Chomley by two points.  95 was the best score in this particular match, but, fortunately for Chomley is was Tim Coates and Simon Darrington who scored them.

Chris Trousdale continued his winning run in the individual competition.  Shooting in Division 7, Chris extended his unbeaten run to 15.

Byland 383 beat Scoresby 373

Byland                  D Atkinson 98  M Rowe 95  C Dossor 95  M Dossor 95

Scoresby              E Shimmin 98  J Headley 94  C Trousdale 91  S Atkinson 90

Kirkham 381 beat Normanby 372

Kirkham               S Baker 98  J Kenworthy 96  E Craven 94  P Cattermole 93

Normanby          M Atkinson 96  C Rutland 95  N Collinson 94  J Wood 87

Rievaulx 375 beat Albany 366

Rievaulx               J Hay 97  A Eddon 94 M Giddins 93  P Hurworth 91

Albany                  N Scarth 97 T Edwards 95  C Taylor 89  M Ware 85

Chomley 371 beat Fountains 369

Chomley              T Coates 95  S Darrington 95 R Lamerton 90  D Jackson 87

Fountains            C Williamson 95  C Moore 94  B Gibbons 91  R Franks 88

Of  the rounds shot so far none provided more surprising results than Round 14 where the top three teams in the league were beaten by the bottom three teams.    With seven matches remaining, a timely reminder  to the teams vying for top place that there could yet be a sting in the tail and that nothing should be taken for granted.

Bottom of the table Scoresby provided the shock of the round by soundly beating joint league leaders Rievaulx by 5 points.  In a match not dominated by high scores, it was the better team performance from Scoresby which secured the two points.  Highest score in the match came from Scoresby’s  Ewan Shimmin who hit 97.  Despite their back to back victories, Scoresby remain bottom of the league, one point behind Fountains.

Equally surprising was Chomley’s  win over  joint league leaders Byland.  Whilst the margin of victory was only three points, an upset was always a probability with 97 from Chomley’s Simon Darrington and Tim Coates, against 95’s from Bylands Mike Rowe and Chris Dossor.  A golden opportunity missed by Byland who may look on the match as one which got away.

In the third of the shock results, seventh place Fountains beat third place Kirkham by four points.  With scores in the mid and lower nineties Kirkham were always going to be struggling against a Fountains team  for whom Colin Williamson, with 96, had the best score in the match.  A bitter disappointment for Kirkham who won at a canter when the teams last met in Round 7.

The remaining mid table clash between Normanby and Albany went the way of Normanby by a clear cut 9 point margin.  With a score of 384 Normanby not only had the best score of the round but also shot their best score of the season beating their 383 in the opening round.  With 99, his second in 14 matches, Niall Collinson  just missed out on that elusive maximum 100.  In fourth place with 15 points, a steadily improving Normanby team may yet prove to be the team to be reckoned with by the current top three.

In the individual league Chris Trousdale’s unbeaten run continues.  Individual seasons best scores were shot by Nigel Scarth, Niall Collinson, Ewan Shimmin, John Headley and Mark Bennett.

Scoresby 381 beat Rievaulx 376

Scoresby              E Shimmin 97  S Atkinson 96  C Trousdale 94  J Headley 94

Rievaulx               J Hay 96  P Hurworth 96  A Eddon 92  J Baker 92

Chomley 378 beat Byland 375

Chomley              T Coates 97  S Darrington 97  R Lammerton 94  D Jackson 86

Byland                  C Dossor 95  M Rowe 95  D Atkinson 93  M Dossor 92

Fountains 375 beat Kirkham 371

Fountains            C Williamson 96  B Gibbons 93  C Moore 93 R Franks 91

Kirkham               J Kenworthy  95  S Baker 94  R Oliver 91  E Craven 91

Normanby 384 beat Albany 375

Normanby          N Collinson 99  M Atkinson 97  C Rutland 96  M Bennett 92

Albany                  N Scarth 98  T Edwards 95  91 M Ware  91 C Taylor  

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