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In a week of rather moderate team scores, bottom of the table Scoresby with 379, surprisingly returned the best team score of the round and needed it to beat Normanby by the narrowest of margins.  Normanby on the other hand will regard themselves unfortunate to come up against Scoresby as their score would have comfortably beaten any of the three title contenders.  Colin Rutland continued his run of good scores, his 99 getting Normanby off to the start they were looking for.  However, 97’s from Scoresby’s Ewan Shimmin and Sam Atkinson put Scoresby in the driving seat and the eventual  winners by just a single point.  With this defeat went any lingering hopes Normanby had of finishing in the top three.

In the top of the table clash between Rievaulx and Kirkham, Rievaulx, whilst not at their best, comfortably beat  their title rivals for the second time in the three matches the teams have met.  A 97 from Jackie Hay supported by a 95 from Tony Eddon formed  the base on which Rievaulx built their win which Kirkham could not match, a 97 from Steve Baker being their only score of note.

League leaders Byland may look back on their encounter with Fountains as a point lost rather than a point gained.  Not for the first time, Byland struggled against a bottom of the table side sharing the points in a match they could easily have lost.  Top score in this match was a 97 from Bylands' Mike Rowe but it was the better team performance from Fountains which gained them a point, Colin Williamson’s 96 being their leading scorer.

A late run of good form from Tim Coates was one of the reasons why Chomley succeeded in their latest match with Albany having won each of the previous two encounters.  Capable of beating the best and losing to any one of the seven other teams in the league, Albany produced one of their less memorable performances and paid the price as a result.  The 97 from Tim Coates was the best score of the match and, together with a 96 from Simon Darrington, was more than sufficient to blunt any challenge from a below par Albany team.

In Round 19 Colin Rutland, Tim Coates and Brian Gibbons shot or equalled their seasons best score.

In the individual competition Chris Troughton’s unbeaten run continues with 19 straight wins.

Rievaulx 374 beat Kirkham 369

Rievaulx               Jackie Hay 97  A Eddon 95  P Hurworth 93  M Giddins 89

Kirkham               S Baker 97  P Cattermole 92  E Craven 90  R Oliver 90

Scoresby 379 beat Normanby 378

Scoresby              S Atkinson 97  E Shimmin 97  J Headley 93  C Trousdale92

Normanby          Colin Rutland 99  M Atkinson 95  N Collinson 93  J Wood 90

Chomley 373 beat Albany 371

Chomley              T Coates 98  S Darrington 96  R Lammerton 90  D Jackson 82

Albany                  N Scarth 95  T Edwards 95 C Taylor 91  M Troughton 90

Fountains 374 drew Byland 374

Fountains            C Williamson 96  B Gibbons 95  R Franks 91 C Moore 89

Byland                 M Rowe 97  M Dossor 96  D Atkinson 95  C Dossor 86

The top three teams Byland, Kirkham and Rievaulx  continued the trend in recent matches of winning or losing together.    In Round 18 the top three continued their fight for top place and in doing so widened the gap between them and  Chomley  who lie fourth.

League leaders Byland however, did not have things all their own way and struggled to beat an unpredictable Normanby team by one point.  Normanby on the other hand will feel disappointed at losing a match they could well have won pointing to Niall Collinson’s disappointing loss of form as the main reason for their narrow defeat and with it any realistic hopes they had of being contenders for the league title.  For the Atkinson family , with a foot in both camps, it was a bitter sweet experience.  For Byland,  Derek Atkinson’s 97 was the team’s best score whilst Maxine went two better for Normanby  but finished up on the losing side.

Rievaulx had no such problems against a lowly Fountains team who did not provide much in the way of a challenge, going down to a defeat by nine points.  For Rievaulx, Jackie Hay’s 99 was the best score of the round just missing out on that coveted 100.  A good team performance from Rievaulx put them firmly in command with each member of the team shooting  well into the nineties.  95’s from Colin Moore and Brian Gibbons were the best two scores for Fountains but they could not prevent Fountains going down to their twelfth defeat of the season.

After setting the seasons best score of 387 in Round 17, Kirkham had every reason to expect a battle with Albany for the vital two points at stake.  In the event however, they had nothing to fear.  With Albany shooting an average of four points per man less than in the previous round, the result was never in doubt, Kirkham winning with eight points to spare.  96 was the best score in the match from Kirkham’s Steve Baker and Nigel Scarth for Albany.

In the fourth match of the round, bottom of the table Scoresby caught fourth place Chomley on a bad night.  Whilst never hitting the heights in terms of big scores, Scoresby shot well  as a team recording scores in the mid and lower nineties.  For Chomley a 97 from Tim Coates was the best of the match and  argue that the result could well have been different had they not been let down by the non appearance of a team member for the second time in eight matches.

In the individual competition Chris Trousdale remains unbeaten after 18 matches and with only three matches left, looking to go through the season with an unblemished record.

In Round 18 Brian Gibbons, Jackie Hay, John Headley, Bill Cattermole and Maxine Atkinson shot or equalled their seasons best score.

Byland 378 beat Normanby 377

Byland                  D Atkinson 97  M Rowe 95  M Dossor 94  C Dossor 92

Normanby          M Atkinson 99  C Rutland 97  N Collinson 92  J Wood 89

Kirkham 379 beat Albany 371

Kirkham               S Baker 96  J Kenworthy 95  P Cattermole 94 R Oliver 94

Albany                  N Scarth 96  T Edwards 94  M Ware 92  C Taylor 89

Rievaulx 382 beat Fountains 373

Rievaulx               J Hay 99  P Hurworth 96 A Eddon 94  M Giddins 93

Fountains            C Moore 95  B Gibbons 95  C Williamson 94  H Bennett 86 

Scoresby 377 beat Chomley 364

Scoresby              J Headley 96  C Trousdale 94  E Shimmin 94  S Atkinson 93

Chomley              T Coates 97  S Darrington 95  M Holmes 81  D Jackson 79

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