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With the best score of the final round Byland clinched the league title in style.  In a must win match against Chomley, Byland hit the ground running opening the match with a 99 from Derek Atkinson and a 98 from Mike Rowe.  From that point on the match and the title were never in doubt.  Chomley on the other hand, will be disappointed with their performance by scoring 13 points less than their seasons best in the previous round.  Highest score for Chomley was a 97 from Tim Coates.

Steve Baker with his second 100 of the season saved one of his best performances until last but in doing so ensured that Kirkham finished the season in second place.  For Fountains, Colin Williamson almost matched that elusive 100 his 99 being his best performance since the opening round of the season.  With no other notable performances  the match was disappointing in terms of high supporting scores but Kirkham did what they set out to achieve  by ending the season on a winning note.

Not for the first time, basement team Scoresby surprised one of the top three title contenders by sharing the points with Rievaulx.  With little at stake for either team, Scoresby will claim that it was a better all round team performance which took a point off the third place team, whereas Rievaulx will argue that they paid the price by shooting with a below strength team.  For Rievaulx, veteran shooter Tony Eddon rolled back the years with a vintage performance and his seasons best score of 98.  For Scoresby,  Chris Trousdale’s 96 equalled his personal best.

In the second closely fought match of the round, Albany and Normanby shared the spoils each returning a score of 379.  Colin Rutland in a rich vein of form, together with Niall Collinson, dropped only four points which got Normanby off to an almost perfect start.  However, an unusually low score from the normally high scoring Maxine Atkinson left the door open for Albany who came back to equal Normanby ‘s score in a match which both sides will claim they could, and should have won.

Byland 383 beat Chomley 371

Byland                  D Atkinson 99  M Rowe 98  M Dossor 94  C Dossor 92

Chomley              T Coates 97  S Darrington 95  R Lamerton 91  B Addams 81

Kirkham 376 beat Fountains  373

Kirkham               S Baker 100  P Cattermole 94 J Kenworthy 94  R Oliver 88

Fountains            C Williamson 99  C Moore 93  B Gibbons 90  H Bennett 88

Scoresby 377 Drew Rievaulx 377

Scoresby              C Trousdale 96  S Atkinson 96  J Headley 93  E Shimmin 92

Rievaulx               A Eddon 98  J Hay 96  P Hurworth 95  J Baker 88

Albany 379 Drew Normanby 379

Albany                  N Scarth 97  T Edwards 96 M Ware 94  C Taylor 92

Normanby          C Rutland 99  N Collinson 97  M Atkinson 93  M Bennett 85

In what was predicted to be a much closer encounter, Byland missed the chance of opening up a gap at the top of the league by losing to title rivals Kirkham by seven points.  Steve Baker got Kirkham off to the best possible start with a 99 which proved to be the best score of the round.  Paul Cattermole’s 97 was his best score of the season and with other scores well into the 90’s Kirkham put together their best score since Round 6.  Mike Rowe’s 98 gave Byland some indication of a closer contest but it was the better overall team performance which gave Kirkham the two points on offer and a chance of the league title.

Chomley severely dented any hopes that Rievaulx had of top place by inflicting a seven point defeat  which ensured them of fourth place going into the final round.  With 98’s from Tim Coates and Simon Darrington, Rievaulx, despite a 97 from Jackie Hay, were struggling from the start and with no other notable scores were unable to mount a serious challenge to Chomley’s seasons best score.

Albany did not need one of their better scores to beat Scoresby who have propped up the rest of the league for most of the season.  With little to shoot for other than pride, Albany’s Chris Taylor produced a personal best competition score of 98 which, together with a 97 from Tom Edwards, left Albany wondering what they could have achieved with a little more consistency rather than team scores varying by as much as 25 points.

Arguably the surprise result of the round was Normanby’s defeat by Fountains who triumphed with four points to spare.  Colin Moore’s 97 and a 96 from Colin Williamson suggested that this was to be one of Fountains better rounds and so it proved.  A 98 from Maxine Atkinson could not prevent Normanby putting together one of their lowest scores of the 20 rounds shot so far and the loss of two points they could easily have won.

With only one point now separating the top three teams the title looks to be Bylands to lose.  Byland however, have potentially, the harder final match against Chomley to overcome, whereas closest rivals Kirkham have what should be an easier final match against a lowly Fountains team.

Round 20 Results

Kirkham 383 beat Byland 376

Kirkham               S Baker 99  P Cattermole 97  R Oliver 94 J Kenworthy 93

Byland                  M Rowe 98 D Atkinson 96  M Dossor 92  C Dossor 90

Chomley 384 beat Rievaulx 377

Chomley              T Coates 98  S Darrington 98  R Lamerton 90  M Holmes 87

Rievaulx               J Hay 97  P Hurworth 94  J Baker 94  A Eddon 92

Fountains 376 beat Normanby 372

Fountains            C Moore 97  C Williamson 96  B Gibbons 94  H Bennett 86

Normanby          M Atkinson 98  N Collinson 95  C Rutland 92  J Wood 87

Albany 382 beat Scoresby 371

Albany                  C Taylor 98  T Edwards 97  N Scarth 96  M Ware 91

Scoresby              S Atkinson 97  E Shimmin 96  J Headley 90  C Trousdale 88

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