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Shooting News

Leagues and Competitions

The final results are in for the Super League and Individual Trophy - check the shooting reports section for a full run down or find the final scores here  and the final standings can be found here.

With only four points seperating the top four teams and the winners only being decided based on aggregate score, the Super League went right down to the wire. The league was very well supported too with less than 1% of cards being handed in late or missed - well done to all.

The Individual Trophy was a close contest as well - going into the final week only two of the seven divisions had been decided.  Some excellent shooting and very close matches resulted in a great competition with opportunities for shooters of all abilities to compete for division wins.

Many thanks to all shooters, coaching staff and committee members for the successful and smooth running of the league.  Let us know what you liked, didn't like, want to see more or could improve upon by filling in a comment card in the main range.  We're particularly interested in competitions and league feedback - the more we hear from you, the better we can make it.

Disc shoot. Summer League, May Braim, Treasurer's Cup

The next (prone) disc shoot will be this Monday (3rd April), 7:00pm registration for a 7:15 start.  Please arrive promptly to get signed in so we can draw up the matches and remember to allow for more ammunition than on a normal coaching night depending on how successful you are!

Summer League signup sheet is still running - entries close this Sunday (2nd April)

May Braim and Treasurer's cards are available in the second range - cards are due by end April


Leagues and Competitions

As we approach the end of the Super League and Individual Trophy, the competition couldn't be closer with just three points seperating the top three teams after 19 rounds of shooting with two more rounds to shoot.  In the Individual Trophy a number of divisions are still up for grabs - only two of the seven divisions are mathematically decided going into the final week!

May Braim and Treasurers' Cup cards will be available from Monday 20th March, to be shot by end April.  Also currently running are Yorkshire short range (three cards) prone and the inaugural Whitby Benchrest competition - both due by end of March.

Summer league signup sheet is up now in the main range - entries close 2nd April.  Yorkshire benchrest, outdoor and lightweight rifle entires have been sent for the summer season.

Benchrest shooting

Interest continues to grow - we now have two benches set up in the main range and two complete benchrest outfits of rifle, rest and scope.  Coaching is available on Mondays and the rifles are available to use by members at any other time - see Tony, Kieron or Mike for more info.  There are also plans to install benches into the second (quoits) range so members can shoot benchrest 7 days per week.

Comments and Suggestions

We're very interested in your feedback about any aspect of shooting at the club - competitions, membership, facilities, coaching - let us know.  There is a comments box in the main range with cards being provided - please drop them into the box and they will be reviewed by the Shooting Committee.  You can also contact any of the committee members directly to chat about any issues or feedback.


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