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200 Club membership - new members are most welcome!

See Terri-Ann for 200 club membership @ the bar.

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2019 Membership subs are now due 

Exciting line up for 2019

Live music every Saturday

12th - 14th April Goth Weekend

26th - 28th April Goth Wekend

17th - 23rd August Folk Week


There are two main categories of membership: for shooting members and social members. In addition there is a junior membership for those aged under eighteen.

Membership forms are available in the clubhouse, from the secretary or may be downloaded (as pdf files) from the adjacent menus. Please note that an additional medical declaration form is required for shooting members.

New members must pay the full fees over the bar at the time of application, along with there completed membership form.

The fees for membership this year:-

Junior 12 - 15 years = £8

Junior 16 - 17 years = £10

Social Single            = £11 (plus a first year joining fee = £2)

Pensioner  single      = £8 (any member 65 year plus)

Pool/Darts Member  = £11 (plus a first year joining fee = £2)

Quoits Member         = £11 (plus a first year joining fee = £2)

Bowls Member         = £11 (plus a first year joining fee = £2)

Shooting Single        = £50 includes League & Range fees (plus a first year joining fee = £2)

Pensioner Shooting   = £45 includes League & Range fees (plus a first year joining fee = £2)


Locker Rental Large steel = £12

Locker Rental small wood or Steel = £ 6

Additional fees are charged for use of the ranges by social members wishing to play bowls and quoits.

The club constitution which defines the membership rules is also available from the adjacent menus.

Non-members are welcome to visit the club. They should be signed by a member acting as host on not more than four occasions each year.

Junior Member Application Form

Social Member Form

Shooting Member Form

Shooting Member Health Questionaire


1. The 200 club will consist of 200 numbers and each number will be worth 50 pence a week.

2. People can have as many numbers as they want.

3. The cost for a number for one year (52 weeks) will be £26.

4. People will pay their subs at the bar to Jane or Terri Anne. They will be given an envelope and will write down their number and name.

5. Once a week, Mallison and Russ will go through the envelopes and mark people on the draw sheets as having paid. This will ensure that there is an independent verification of the amounts paid into the club.

6. The draw will be held on a Saturday night along with the raffle and bingo. Only people who have paid up will be eligible to win. Numbers will be drawn until a winner is drawn. There will be no rollover.

7. The weekly prize will be £20 per week.

8. Twice a year, there will be a grand draw. The prize will depend on how many people are in the draw and how many have paid up.

If all 200 numbers are sold, the grand prize will be one prize of £1000 and a smaller prize of £100. The ratio of what goes out as prizes vs what goes into the club is 60:40. Options for the grand prize could be 4 prizes, 2 prizes of up to £500 and 2 prizes of up to £50.

9. To be fair to member who have paid up throughout the year, only members who have been in the draw for at least five months will be eligible to enter the grand draw.

By letter to:
The  Secretary
Whitby & District Rifle Club
West Cliff Sports Ground,
Crescent Avenue,
North Yorkshire.
YO21 3EW

By phone on: 01947 603808 (11 am - 1 pm or after 7 pm)


By e-mail:  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Alternatively, please call in to the club for a chat on Whitby West cliff any evening after 7pm.

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